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December 29, 2011

Simple steps to adjust the doors of your house


If any of the doors of his house rub the floor, try repairing it yourself before scratching the ceramic or wood flooring. This can also happen with some furniture.

It is very likely that the problem is due to the hinge or hinge (metal union with the frame) has sunk lower in the frame, making the whole door to tilt and drag one corner on the floor.

Cut a piece of cardboard or poster board that will serve as filler. It must be a little smaller than the hinge leaf. Then unscrew the hinge leaf holding the door open and put some books underneath to make it right.

Insert the cardboard behind the hinge and fill the holes where the screws are enshrined, if necessary, to subject themselves better. It may be that even so, the door from rubbing on the floor. In this case, try placing another card.

r thick. If not satisfied, sand the bottom of the door with sandpaper glued to a wooden block that can slide underneath.

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